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staying inspired


As an artist and designer, I feel it's important to stay inspired - to drive the passion of working in this industry. One thing that inspires me is finding new and clever ways to create graphics and promotional pieces. As a graphic designer, oftentimes, we are employed to not only make graphics for a piece but also construct the mechanics of a piece. Today I am sharing a video by Trish Witkowski with I have been inspired by her many videos in the series, "Super-Cool" folds, and this video commemorates the team's 500th "Super-Cool" fold. I selected this video because I find it intriquing, the way the folds work together in a type of spiral series of folds.

What inspires you?

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tweeting is for more than just the birds


As a freelance designer, I have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients in varying capacities, however one fact remains the same for every organization I have the opportunity to work with - I am partner with each of them in marketing the goods, services and other amazing things they do. Social media networking is an essential tool for business and marketing today in keeping that line of communication open with partners, customers, clients and friends. If you enjoy the opportunites of social networking, as much as I do, please send me a tweet. I'd love to hear from you.

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