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I am an Independent Graphic Design Professional located in West Michigan, specializing in Visual Communications and Adobe Creative Cloud.

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my mission

My mission is to build business and establish brands through creative solutions, purposeful design, and effective implementation.

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my approach

My approach to design is to create high quality and creative designs while still accommodating and improving ease of function. It is my goal to maintain relevance in my approach to design by researching latest design trends and staying abreast of technology as a tool for design and marketing. It is my goal to work as a partner with you or your team to specialize in designs that set you apart from the competition and highlight your unique business strengths. It is my goal to design solutions that are best suited for you, your budget needs and overall vision.

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my process

My process begins with research, gathering information and getting to know more about your business and understand your goals and vision for your company. I gather more information about project goals and specs, determine any possible obstacles, and research more information about your industry and target market. Having gathered those background essentials, it is time to generate ideas. I begin with lots of sketches – sketches of graphic elements, page layouts compositions, template elements, typographic arrangements, etc. Next the sketches are developed into colored roughs and finally electronic concepts. Client feedback is collected, approved text is placed, roughs are refined and edits are added, leaving us with the final product.

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i appreciate design because...

A mentor of mine once said, “Beauty is therapy”. I feel a well stated design can leave a lasting impression and set the tone or personality for your unique business strengths. I feel a well-established brand gives your business a level of professionalism and an organized message. If you are a new start-up business or been in the industry for many years, it’s never too late to benefit from a purposeful and well-constructed logo and set of brand standards.

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my background

I am an Independent Graphic Design Professional, specializing Visual Communications and Adobe Creative Cloud. I have designed for a wide variety of projects across various media including print, web and digital. In addition to my faith and family, art and design is my passion. I am formally trained in graphic design and I am blessed to work in a field where beauty is appreciated, every project is unique, and a sign of a job well done is seeing my client smile. I find inspiration in the beauty of nature, Scripture, new or clever trends within my field and, keeping a child-like curiosity and an open mind. I feel one of my strengths is listening to you and your needs and discerning a common vision for your project.

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